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Progressive Commerce
utilizes advanced ACD call management systems that manages inbound calls by level of activity per client, answer percentage, and number of active calls per line which allow our customer services managers to adjust for increased call levels during peak hours or holidays.

Contact Center Services

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Customer Care
360 Degree Real-time Visibility
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Multi-Tier Quality Control
Optimized Call Routing
Dynamic Line Allocation
Direct Liason Support

Your Professional Advantage

Your success has everything to do with satisfied customers. That's why since 1984, we have supported our Client's projects with a dedicated, in-house customer contact center. Our sophisticated phone system identifies your customer before the call is even answered. Whether your customer wishes to place an order, or just ask a question, they are greeted by an agent who has been trained to understand the unique qualities of your products.

Our agents also have finger-tip access to our exclusive ANSWERMAN sm on-line sales manual. AnswerMan sm contains detailed information listed by product, and can be updated remotely from your staff's PC's.

Beyond the initial call, our staff also handles the important details of packing and shipping coordination. Through every stage, our emphasis is placed on courtesy, accuracy, and on-time delivery.

In addition, you need more knowledge about your customers, so you can make informed decisions regarding products, promotions, sales and more. That's why we developed PD-TRACK sm to record every contact, even non-order calls for marketing analysis and follow-up. You'll know exactly what kind of questions your customers, and potential customers, are asking so you can respond quickly and effectively.

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