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Progressive Commerce provides comprehensive analytics and reporting that delivers actionable information, from page-by-page order conversion to detailed check-out analysis. You see how and where your customers shop, as well as many other key performance indicators about their overall web site performance.

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ECommerce Development

• Integrated Content Management
• Full or Collaborative Services
• AutoLift™ Abandonment  Recovery
• AutoOpt™ Opt-in Enhancer
• AutoCaster™ Automatic SEO
• Optional Creative, Design, &  Photography
• Seamless Real-Time OrderLink  Platform
• Affiliate Interfacing and Admin
• Powerful Database Integration
• Remote Web Store Interfacing
• Extensive Analytics & Reporting
• Clustering and Load Balancing
• Web Store Hosting
• Multi Channel Support
• Advanced Promotions Management
• Full Service Email Campaigns
• Automatic Search Engine    Optimization
• Web Based Administration Tools
• Wholesale Business Integration
• Multi Layer Fraud Control    Systems
• Rich Media Design Support
• Web 2.0 Implementations
• Shopping Site Interfacing
• Affiliate Program Interfacing
• Complete Media Buy Services
• Automatic Customer Profiling
• Social Network Integration
• Automatic Cross Sell/Up Sell
• B to C and B to B Support
• PCI Level 1 Certified


"Comprehensive E-Commerce development services supported by the advanced OrderLink® platform.  Launch a robust, high-touch customer experience with best practice everywhere."

Progressive Commerce provides a wide array of e-commerce design and marketing resources integrated with complete order processing, fulfillment services and live operator contact center.

OrderLink® is Progressive Commerce's advanced e-commerce platform that allows an organization to quickly launch an enterprise level e-commerce initiative.  Backed by Progressive Distribution's 30 years of experience in third party order processing and fulfillment services, OrderLink® provides proven and cost effective technical resources that allow clients to quickly launch an outstanding commerce site with secure real-time order transaction capabilities.

OrderLink® is tightly integrated into the entire fulfillment and customer service process and instantly allocates and confirms all transactions. Visibility is optimized in every phase of the visitor, order and shipment cycle, with Channel Manger™delivering up to the second information via your web browser.

Progressive Commerce also provides accounting and billing services, whether to consumers or businesses, as a tightly integrated step of the order/sales cycle.
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