Progressive Commerce
Integrated Fulfillment Services
Multiple Retail Location Support

Progressive Commerce gives you the ability to manage multiple retail storefront locations, and both their in-store and online sales through the use of the @Store Management system within Channel Manager.SM

Flexible Supply Chain Support

@Store® also enables you to manage multiple warehouse and supplier locations and integrate them with Progressive Commerce's advanced multi-channel systems. Also enjoy best-in-class support designed to provide seamless and profitable brick-to-click operations.

Retail ECommerce Fulfillment

Grow your Retail Busines with
Robust, Flexible Solutions

  • 360° Storefront-Web Processing
  • Standalone or POS Integrated Kiosk
  • Ship to Store or Customer Direct
  • Discrete Web/Storefront pricing
  • In-store/Centralized returns support
  • Central Live Operator Support
  • Real-Time Inventory Allocation
  • Expand Selection / Reduce Inventory
  • Vendor Direct Ship Integration
  • Centralized or In-Store Fulfillment
  • Postal / UPS Shipping System
  • Bar Code Scanning and Scaling

    @Store® is OrderLink's innovative service allowing retailers to process Web orders directly to their brick and mortar stores for same day customer pick-up or delivery. It tightly integrates web sales channels with traditional retail stores while providing a robust order management system within each store.

    Orders placed through web sites are quickly available to retail store sales associates and are supported by a central live operator call center that can provide instant assistance. In addition, order confirmation and inventory allocation is made in real-time, assuring customers of accurate responses at the time of order placement. Because of this tight integration, @Store® enables web stores to seamlessly coexist with their traditional retail store counterparts. @Store® can also optionally incorporate OrderLink's warehousing and fulfillment services for centralized distribution if desired.

    Promotion tracking, inventory usage, credit processing and accounting can now blend into a cohesive marketing effort. Customers have instant access to their favorite stores online, with local pick up or delivery as your stores become an on-site direct shipping center. A complete Postal and UPS shipping system is also incorporated including scaling and bar code scanning, to easily get your retail store fronts operational and efficient in no time.

    Progressive Commerce also provides a wide array of accounting and billing services, whether to consumers or businesses, as a tightly integrated step of the order/sales cycle. Learn more about our billing and accounting services.

    Further strengthen your success with optional marketing and creative support. Learn more...

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