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Automatic Report Delivery...
Report Messenger sm delivers exceptional access to a client's reporting by delivering critical hardcopy reports without a cumbersome request process. It then stores them on your PC for archiving, forwarding or printing.


Sales and Profit Analysis
Promotion Tracking
Inventory Forcasting
Category Performance
Billing and Accounting
Mgt Operating Reports
Returns and Exchanges
Web Traffic Reporting
List Analysis
Record Keeping

Beyond conventional support...

Progressive Distribution provides clients with more than just generic or off-the-shelf solutions for the growth of their business.

Over 40,000 man hours have been invested in software and systems development in order to provide our clients with highly advanced tools to accelerate their business including:

FrontRunner sm
FreightSaver sm
Channel Manager sm
Report Messenger sm
AnswerMan sm
PD Manager sm
SurePic sm



Simply the Best in the Business...

From our wide experience with many diverse projects, we've developed valuable and effective accounting, analysis and forecasting systems and reporting mandatory for a successful customer direct selling system.

Channel Manager sm our powerful and feature rich business reporting and management tool provides top-level visibility of sales, inventory, affiliates and other operations, as well as intelligent control of web site presentation via an easy to use web browser interface.

Channel Manager smalso delivers several features that enable sales and marketing managers to monitor key sales data and trends. Affiliations, partnerships and special promotion offers can be monitored completely through Channel Manager's profile reporting.

Hardcopy Reporting: Progressive Commerce provides each client a comprehensive array of Hardcopy Reports that describe in detail every aspect of a client's venture. Order values, shipments, inventory and customer contact information coincides with the real-time data that Channel Manager(sm) offers daily.
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